Eli has always loved the fine arts side of life. He loves to paint and create mixed-media artwork and of course, write. Writing was something he found back in his high school days when he took a Creative Writing course as an English credit. He put it on the back shelf as life moved on after graduation. He was pulled in many directions but still dabbled with short stories and poetry for self-entertainment.

Years later he found himself with a story in his head that wouldn’t go away. That story ended up becoming the Mason Jar Series. The story started out a stand-alone novel but through the suggestion of a friend in the Springfield Writers Guild, he was pushed into expanding the story and making it an ongoing series.

After connecting with a talented couple, Paul a narrator of books, and his wife Nikki, a musical genius, he started having his series produced for Audible.com. Through working and becoming friends with Paul J McSorley and his wife Nikki, he became involved in writing short stories for Paul’s new podcast that is exclusive through Chilling Tales for Dark Nights, an already well-established network of podcasts accessed through YouTube. He has become a major contributor to Fear from the Heartland and thoroughly enjoys breaking away from writing novels and doing short stories.

He has let his love for writing almost become an obsession. If he wasn’t able to empty his thoughts onto paper, he admits he could become crazed! His wife has an acoustic trio that plays at a local coffee shop regularly and that is where you can find Eli on those Saturday mornings when they play. He’s the one in the back with his laptop open and eyes glued to the screen as fingertips tap away.

He lives with his wife, 16-year old son, and three large dogs. An 83 lb Pitbull mix named Wheeler, a 70 lb American Bully mix named Deuce, and a 60 lb Mountain Cur named Dixie. Nestled in a small town at the outskirts of the Ozark Mountains, Eli works his daytime job and spends his spare time with family and writing. They enjoy camping with friends and entertaining their young granddaughter who visits regularly.

If you would like to reach out to Eli, he can be found at sgb0619@gmail.com  Drop him a line or look him up on FB. Author Eli Pope or ask to join his group page at The Mason Jar Room where he shares occasional short stories and future events as well as seeking opinions on his writing, plots and book covers.

Hope to see you there!


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