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“We had one scraggly old peach tree in our backyard. Momma would take me and Darrell outside and she would ask me to climb up to pick the ones really high up in the top. It made me feel real proud.Afterwards, we’d carry them inside in brown paper bags from the Piggly Wiggly, and Momma would preserve em in Mason jars. Somehow, those peaches that were sweet fresh off the tree, were even sweeter after Momma canned em.

“One Friday evening, Poppa walked in after gettin’ home  and went straight to the pantry and pulled out one of those jars of peaches. With that familiar “pop,” he took off the lid and dumped them on the floor. He had discovered another use for the Mason Jar and none of our lives were ever the same.”

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  1. The Judgment Game
  2. The Spark Of Wrath


The first book in the Mason Jar Series revolves around the Cader Family.

Billy Jay’s entry into the world was unfortunate from the beginning. He was abused by his father and his mother was incapable of showing real love.

Billy Jay ran away from home at fourteen and this first book deals with his journey and the next generation of his family’s background. Intense at times, and hard to imagine how people can forge their way through a life of pain and tragedy.

Struggles with inner demons and faith play a major role in the characters. Twists and mystery abound as you connect with each each one. Hating them at times, appalled by their actions, pity and sometimes loving and trusting them. A story that will play with your emotions from the beginning.

The roller coaster awaits you, all you need to do is step in, buckle up, and hang on tight.

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