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The Mason Jar Series books are all available for purchase in ebook, paperback, and audible versions through above links. It is suggested to read books in order as the story is written in saga form.

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Book 6


Available Now in 2024

Audible, Ebook, and soon paperback

The Mason Jar Series is a very dark and gritty psychological thriller set mostly in the 1980’s in the small Gulf coastal town of Apalachicola, Florida.

An area full of secrets, mystery and dysfunctional characters.

A horrible way of doling out unjust punishment was created in the form of a lottery-like game using a Mason jar. Its constant use of nightly torture formed a boy into a man fighting his abusive past as it continually calls him to become the judge that his father was to him.

This saga follows the protagonist, Billy Jay Cader throughout his journey and personal struggles through the choices he makes on the spur of the moment. Actions he cannot take back or undo.

A trigger warning comes for those who would choose not to live through his battles with his father’s devil.

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