so many stories to tell…


Black Lab Coffee Company is

a favorite place of mine to write! Great coffee, delicious food, and friendly people!

It’s my most productive place to to get stories written! My wife’s acoustic trio, Act 3, plays here regularly.

On this page I’d like to share “works in progress.” It seems I function best by having several writing projects going on at once. Since I began taking my writing in a more serious level in 2019, I’ve started and stopped, and stepped away from several projects, choosing to let themgel a bit before coming back to finish up. In this time I’ve written and Indie published 6 novels and countless short stories. A stand alone novel I will introduce on another page, and the 5 Mason Jar Series books.

That’s the one problem with working on multiple projects! So many irons in the fire, it divides my time up and takes a little longer to finish projects.!

I am quickly wrapping up Book 6 of The Mason Jar Series titled The Call Home. I’m very excited to get this one in early to mid 2023.

Please keep checking back in to see what is going on in my writing life and dates of releases as they roll out!

Currently being edited-target publish date is August 2024

Current work-in-progress

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