so many stories to tell…

One of my favorite things to do is to write short stories. I’m fortunate that by meeting Paul J McSorley, I gained a great friend. I also am able to work with him professionally through his narration of my Mason Jar Series books, which led to his asking me to be a major writing contributor to his podcast series that is connected with Chilling Tales for Dark Nights. Paul is the host and narrator of Fear From the Heartland, a horror podcast that listeners can find on YouTube and Apple podcasts. So far, since its inception, I’ve been able to have aired twenty stories produced for the show since the beginning. I’ve included a couple of links below of my favorites ones that I’ve written. The Day the Devil Stole a Soul is a prequel to my Mason Jar Series, so if you are curious about purchasing the books or audible versions, listen to this podcast and you will have a better idea of what the story is about. I will say that this prequel is about as rough as the story gets. It is chocked full of twists and mystery besides the grit and the side characters introduced are a very big part of the story and his journey as they are woven in and out! 

Paul has many talented writers who contribute in tittilating his listeners! Please check Fear From the Heartland out soon! A new story drops every Wednesday evening at 5:00 pm Central. You’ll want to subscribe so you won’t miss a single show!