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A little about me.

I think I always loved the process of writing. Creating my own worlds even if they are within the one we live. Building characters with hopes and flaws and fears and then interacting together inside their world. There’s a story in practically everything we can see if we look at it from a different perspective than normal. It took many years before I actually gave a serious effort in completing a story. My first completed novel was Indie

published in 2019 under Steven G Bassett. Titled The Waning Crescent -a twisted road to renewal. It is basically a Christian Fiction and has mystery, love, redemption, and even some twists. When I started the Mason Jar Series, I realized it would be a much darker story even though it does contain the protagonist wrestling with the idea of faith. I decided to publish the series under a pseudonym, thus Eli Pope was born. 

I’ll place a link to my first book, but be aware, most authors are never really happy with their first works. I haven’t reread it since first publishing it. I do love the story and I also love changing genres. I hate most rules of writing and enjoy breaking them! 

If you are here visiting my site, I’ll assume you may have read or listened to one of my stories on either Fear From the Heartland, or tackled one of my novels. 

The thing is, if I never sell another book, I will still continue to write. It’s become a love and an addiction. It’s become my mental escape, my Valium to sedate my anxieties. I’m afraid my head would explode if I had to stop! I hope you give my writing a shot and hopefully keep following if you do. A story is never as good without an audience. Please leave reviews when possible, it’s what lets us who write know if we are giving any meaning at all to you the reader, our most valuable commodity or merely filling up blank pages! 

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The original book cover painted

 by Steven G Bassett in acrylics

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